Aimed at assessing, restoring and improving physical function and abilities.

Physiotherapists are highly skilled individuals trained to treat a variety of clients ranging from athletes, injured workers, post surgical patients, stroke and other neurological patients.  They also treat pre and post natal clients, motor vehicle accident clients, traumatic injuries, overuse, chronic musculoskeletal injuries and or conditions .  Our physiotherapists follow the sports medicine model which is an active approach to treating your issue.  You can expect your treatment sessions to include such things as:

•Education regarding your injury

•Specific strengthening and stretching exercises

•Aerobic conditioning

•Manual therapy techniques

•Soft tissue release

•Postural correction

•Therapeutic modalities (heat, ice, ultrasound, IFC, TENS, acupuncture, etc) 

Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy provides a variety of services that assist active people who’ve sustained or could sustain an injury.

People of all walks of life, all ages and all levels of activity, benefit from Athletic Therapists’ strategies for: conditioning, injury prevention, emergency and acute care, assessment and ongoing rehabilitation of injuries.

•Late stage conditioning, return to function programs

•Manual Therapy techniques

•Individualized one-on-one care (PT)

•Patient education

•Emergency\on-site coverage

•Ultrasound, Interferential Current, T.E.N.S. etc…)

•Injury Prevention


•Pre-season fitness assessments


An individualized exercise program in a comfortable and open environment.  Enrollment is limited to 90 members to ensure optimal access to equipment. Also there are therapy staff in the gym to answer any questions you have and to ensure that you are performing your exercises properly and safely.

A few of the many benefits of exercise are:

•Weight management

•Gaining strength

•Increasing mobility

•Decreasing health risks

•Increasing energy

Personal Training Wellness

Our Centre has a variety of Personal Training Packages available to Members and Non Members.  Let us help you with your Personal Training Wellness Goals.

Personal Training Wellness Rates Members

•Personal Training – 60 Minutes – $45.00 + tax

•Personal Training Package – 5 Sessions – $149.99 + tax (Payable at first appointment)

•Personal Training Package – 10 Sessions – $249.99 + tax (Payable at first appointment)

Personal Training Wellness Rates Non-Members

•Personal Training – 60 Minutes – $45.00 + tax

•Personal Training Package – 5 Sessions – $199.99 + tax (Payable at first appointment)

•Personal Training Package – 10 Sessions – $299.99 + tax (Payable at first appointment)

Events \ Team Coverage

If you require sports therapy (athletic and/or physiotherapy) coverage for an athletic event such as a soccer or volleyball tournament, we can arrange either on-site first aid, assessment and treatment coverage as well as taping services.  We can also arrange to provide a triage assessment clinic at our facility where the athletes can come directly from the venue to our clinic for assessment.  

There can also be arrangements made to provide coverage for a team for an entire season but this service is limited due to the time requirements so please contact us as early as possible if you wish to arrange season coverage.