Glenda Landry PC Inc

Glenda’s success as a physiotherapist has come from using uses a “hands on” and exercise based approach to treatment – the sports medicine model; working closely with clients in their rehabilitation, establishing their goals and setting steps to achieve these goals. As the Clinic has grown, Glenda’s responsibilities have evolved to include a more managerial role. However, to maintain contact with client’s, when time allows, she enjoys doing home physiotherapy visits for those who cannot make it into the Clinic. In addition she very much enjoys trouble shooting with the other therapists on their clients as they work through their recovery or deal with a disease process with them, encouraging the utilization of the “hands on”, sports medicine model of rehabilitation that many of her previous clients found success with.

Originally from Cape Breton, NS, Glenda relocated to Saint John from Halifax, NS  in 1998 with a plan to stay for a year to further her career as a physiotherapist in Private Practise. After meeting her now husband and business partner Stewart, she also now calls Rothesay home. In their spare time you might find Glenda, Stewart and their son, Kehlan at the hockey rink, the baseball field, the driving range or walking the family dog “Chewy”… all provided the Sea Dogs are not in town, in which case you will find them at the game!


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